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HighThoughts Question Game

Our HighThoughts Question Game is made to bring people together through thought-provoking questions that require a little more genuine thinking (and a little bit of cannabis). 

So… where did this idea start? 

HighTide at its Core

Let’s start with the foundational ideas of our company. Unless you’re new to HighTide (welcome, friend), you’ll have seen that connectivity and authenticity are two pillars that define our cannabis-infused margarita


You may have noticed it in recent years too, but the world has been lacking in genuine social connection for some time. Social media use can disengage us from reality and into a world of wishful displays of ‘likable’ content. Our country disagrees on a myriad of topics, separating us into teams set to clash together. A global pandemic that literally removed us from one another physically; we think it’s safe to say that our social climate has been ‘on edge,’ to put it lightly. 

HighThoughts are Made to Connect Us

So, in a digital world that can so easily isolate us, we wanted our brand to engage in the opposite. We wanted to create something that, no matter who you are, can help you ease back into a time (even momentarily) when the only thing that mattered was enjoying a beverage and enjoying a genuine interaction with another person, whether they’re a lifelong friend or a newly made acquaintance. One of our favorite activities is to sit around, consume some cannabis, and ask each other ridiculous, funny, or thought-provoking questions. So we thought we’d introduce our little ritual to you too.

 After all, engaging with someone at a deeper level rather than a surface-level water cooler question will always be more authentic than talking about the weather. Take for example, “Do you think we’re getting rain this weekend?” does nothing more than push more day-to-day monotony that really makes little-to-no human impact between two or more people. 

Now ask them one of our HighThoughts questions like:

  • “What were some simple things you thought made people seem rich when you were a kid?”
  • “Do you believe in coincidences, or do you think everything happens for a reason?”
  • “What do you wish people knew about you before meeting you?”

See the difference?

How Our Question Game Works

HighTide’s Question Game has gone through rigorous testing to ensure it’s optimized for you and your smoking circles lifestyle. Our newly appointed CTO explains its creation:

“We spared no expense. We have implemented AI machine learning technology to perfectly match users with their optimal questions. This AI has been developed with the Highest End Super Computers to ensure Chad in Southie and Michelle on the cape are delivered the ideal question to start their party.  We believe our Question Game; I mean at this point it’s less of a game and more of a high-tech algorithm that ensures optimal entertainment 97% of the time. At the end of the day, our Tech is only eclipsed by our beverage. On top of all that, we added one-click technology that allows loyal drinkers to submit their own questions directly to our developers with the new E-messaging technology provided by Google.  Please feel free to quote me on that.

– My name is B Humphrey, and I am the newly appointed CTO at HightTide.”

Scan the QR below or click here to try our Question Game and submit your own.

HighTide QR code

Submit Your Own HighThoughts

You’d be surprised how much these thoughtful questions can expand a conversation into hours of laughs, happy tears, or even sad ones–in the end, these are the times when you will truly open up your relationship, learn more about those around you, and have genuine, in-the-moment experiences that you’ll remember. 

We think you’d enjoy it, too. Try it out for yourself, and if you have any questions that you’d like to see on our HighThoughts page, or if one comes to mind after trying out our game, please submit them to us here.

Who knows, maybe your question will be the next one that sends us into an hours-long cannabis-infused conversation…if it does, we’ll make sure to get back to you with our answer.  

The tide’s coming in… Ready?

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